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Welcome to SF Tsunami Water Polo's Donations Page.
Your support is appreciated!
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San Francisco Tsunami Water Polo, is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit corporation (federal tax ID: 71-0970581) with a focus on providing a safe, inclusive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer athletes and straight allies to participate in aquatics.


We foster growth and improvement for players at all levels, and provide outreach to the community to improve health and well-being through sport. We also maintain a focus on education, and are one of the few adult water polo teams in the Bay area with regularly scheduled practice time geared toward beginners and skills development.


Aquatic sports tend to be more expensive that other sports due to the high cost of pool rentals and equipment. Additionally, our focus on providing opportunities for beginners requires us to employ a coach who has experience leading a team with a diversity of skill levels.


Your donation will help pay for:


1) Pool usage fees: We practice for two hours, twice a week, at Martin Luther King Pool in the Bayview District.

2) Scholarships/student discounts: We offer scholarships/reduced membership fees to our members who are in school or have other financial hardship.


3) Travel tournaments: We travel out of town to tournaments a few times each year. The money we collect from donations allows us to provide financial assistance to team members who could otherwise not afford to attend.


4) Equipment: Water polo balls wear down, goal netting breaks down in water, caps tear... Donations allows us to update our equipment as needed.


Your donation is tax deductible. We sincerely appreciate your support, as it enables our continued existence as a team.


For more information contact:



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